How ACM Helps Community ?

We take our responsibility of being humans and then software engineers very seriously and are hard at work to provide a better solutions to problems that effect everybody around us to make community better.

From helping the elderly and the underprivileged to developing softwares that makes us more productive and efficient, ACM NUST is hard at work to play its part in social well being of people that it can reach to.


Technical Team

Group of individuals tasked to create softwares/apps/websites that help the technical as well as non-technical people of different professionals. Tech team gives hands on experience to students and better solutions to community.


Some projects we are working on.

Text Editor

A collabortive text editor for speed programming. Share the URL and everyone is good to collaborate.


Ride sharing App for Nustians to reach their campus or go back home be it in the city or out of city.

Minute Sheet

An automated system to produce/forward minute sheets, making the process easy and reducing paper work.

Trading app

A platform for students to buy/sell whatever they want/need on campus. Be it course material/gear/services



In order to help the community digitally we invite developers from NUST to help solve the everyday problems people face be it collaborative editing in speed programming or sharing a ride with fellow NUSTian to reach university.

Github has been are proud sponsor in this journey from sponsoring events we were able to collaborate with local partners in the city to bring about amazing 1-3 day events that were focused on problem solving by creating open source software for everyone to work on to help the community.


Learn Android

For beginers, to start their careers in Android

Learn iOS

For beginers, to start their careers in iOS

Learn Web

Google backed, client side framework.

Learn Web

For serverless applications/websites, Node.js is a must.

Learn Web

Looking for cool icons for your websites/ webapps? This got you covered

Learn Web

Looking to start learning website developement.

Make Apps

Flutter is a fast growing cross platform framework for apps.



Addressing the problems of students has always been our priority. Peer to Peer Mentor ship Program is one part of this chain where seniors teach their juniors. Book Donation Drive focuses on transfer of books from seniors to juniors thus helping out in any possible way. And community service is always our goal we visit the shelter homes,orphanages and schools to spread smiles and awareness to the elderly and the young. 


You can find useful link below to further your studies, find new opportunities and learn new skills in the field of Coumputer Science and Software Engineering degrees. Internships, online goodies, Scholarships from different universities or maybe some intersting blog post, explore your area of interest.


Github Student Pack

Student Pack that comes with perks and access to tools.


Google Summer of Code, internships from open source organizations for summer.

Microsoft Student Pack

Azure platform provides you scalable,reliable services.



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